Aluminium circle

Henan Signi aluminum Co.. Ltd is specialized in producing and marketing aluminum hot -rolled thick plate, ROPP cap materials, pharmaceutical cap materials, aluminium circle/disc for cookware, aluminium circle for spinning, aluminium circles for lighting cover, alumium discs for deep drawing, aluminium circle for traffic signal, aluminum drilling entry for PCB, aluminum tape for aluminum plastic tube, aluminum strip for framework of umbrella, aluminum base plate for PS board, aluminum bright finish tread plate, aluminum checkered plate, and household aluminum foil, aluminum pharmaceutical foil, aluminum packing foil, air-conditioner foil, aluminum fin materials.


  • round metal disc

    round metal disc

    Henan Chalco introduces advanced round metal disc production equipment to effectively improve production efficiency and material utilization rate, so that the ut...

  • aluminum round circle

    aluminum round circle

    Aluminum round circle is a round aluminum plate punched by continuous stamping equipment for aluminum coil and aluminum strip. It is usually in H0 super soft sta...

  • blank metal discs

    blank metal discs

    In the products of blank metal discs , the proportion of blank metal discs accounts for more than 90% of the metal signs. For more than half a century, the produ...