aluminum foil strip


Anodized aluminum disc

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Signi’s anodized aluminum discs have good surface quality and oxidation susceptibility,low earing rate,high deep drawability,are mainly used in top grade cooking utensils and light fixtrures industry,for example,pressure cooker,anodized non-stick pan etc.
Product type

Product Alloy Usage Thickness Diameter  Following process
Aluminum Circle 3003 DC Cookware,lampshade 0.6-5.0 135-960 Anodizing,enamel,ceramic,Extrusion,ordinary drawing
5052 DC Cookware,road sign 0.6-4.0 135-960 Anodizing
1050DC Cookware,lampshade 0.6-4.0 135-960 Spinning,ordinary drawing
9011cc Cookware 1.0-3.0 135-960 Ordinary drawing


Signi Aluminum takes “Explore and develop together,Mutual integrity and benefit” as the management aim,with strong power,good credit standing,strict quality control and superior after sale service,the anodized aluminum discs are exported to Southeast Asia,America,Europe and Africa.

aluminum foil strip