aluminum foil strip


  • aluminum disc for sale

    aluminum disc for sale

    Aluminum discs are light in weight and beautiful in appearance, so they are widely used in many decoration materials. In order to make the products produced more beautiful and have better characteristics, these companies will purchase from t...

  • aluminum discs blank

    aluminum discs blank

    Henan signi aluminum introduced advanced aluminum discs blank production equipment, effectively improving production efficiency and material utilization, making the utilization rate of raw materials reach more than 80%. The products have a w...

  • Aluminum square disc

    Aluminum square disc

    Aluminum square disc refers to a rectangular material with a rectangular cross section and a uniform thickness that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material by pressure processing. It is widely used in lighting, interior decorati...

  • anodized aluminum discs

    anodized aluminum discs

    Nowadays, anodized aluminum discs have been widely used and developed in aerospace engineering in the field of military industry. In the future, the application of anodized aluminum discs and aluminum alloys will inevitably become more wides...

  • Triply aluminum disc

    Triply aluminum disc

    Triply aluminum disc is composed of 3003 aluminum alloy, 6A02 aluminum alloy and 3003 aluminum alloy. It is characterized in that the thickness ratio of the three aluminum alloys is 1: (8  ̄ 15): 1. This kind of structure of aluminum alloy...


aluminum foil strip