aluminum foil strip


  • aluminum disc plates sheets

    aluminum disc plates sheets

    Henan signi aluminum introduced advanced aluminum disc plate production equipment, effectively improving production efficiency and material utilization, making the utilization rate of raw materials reach more than 80%. The products have a wi...

  • Blank metal disc

    Blank metal disc

    Blank metal disc is widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education, and auto parts. Electrical appliances, thermal insulation, machinery manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, military industry, mold, constructi...

  • color coated mirror aluminum disc

    color coated mirror aluminum disc

    The color coated mirror aluminum disc is one of the commonly used color coated mirror aluminum disc, which is used to polish the aluminum circle to mirror effect by rolling. Henan signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides all year round color coated...

  • large aluminum disc

    large aluminum disc

    As an indispensable semi-finished material for processing many types of products, the market demand for large aluminum disc is very large. Through this kind of material, we can achieve rapid, efficient and high-quality processing technology...

  • Decorative aluminum disc

    Decorative aluminum disc

    In peoples daily life, almost all kinds of products made of decorative aluminum discs can be seen everywhere. The reason why decorative aluminum discs can be made into all kinds of products and widely used in various fields is mainly because...


aluminum foil strip