aluminum foil strip


  • Anodized aluminum disc

    Anodized aluminum disc

    Signis anodized aluminum discs have good surface quality and oxidation susceptibility,low earing rate,high deep drawability,are mainly used in top grade cooking utensils and light fixtrures industry,for example,pressure cooker,anodized non-s...

  • metal discs for crafts

    metal discs for crafts

    Aluminium is a light metal with low density, light weight and very good ductility. Metal discs for crafts are free of impurities and are easy to make into finished products to help reduce the weight of the product itself. This is also one of...

  • 3 inch aluminum disc

    3 inch aluminum disc

    3 inch aluminum disc is a pre-processed product made of aluminum coil after continuous stamping. It is mainly used in lamps, kitchenware, electronic and electrical enclosures, etc. The state is basically selected as 0 state, and good extens...

  • Large aluminum discs

    Large aluminum discs

    The deep processing of aluminum plates is already an indispensable technology. Large aluminum discs are products obtained after deep processing of aluminum plates. They are a kind of relatively large demand on the market. The surface of Larg...

  • Deep drawing aluminum discs

    Deep drawing aluminum discs

    Deep drawing aluminum discs : it is processed by continuous stamping equipment and directly stamping on aluminum disc. It has the advantage of fast processing cycle and automatic completion of stamping. Therefore, it has a good surface fini...


aluminum foil strip