aluminum foil strip


  • Blank metal discs

    Blank metal discs

    Blank metal disc is a common aluminum product, and it is widely used. Its grain processing technology is also relatively more, such as disordered wire drawing, threaded wire drawing, straight wire drawing, corrugated wire drawing and rotary...

  • 12 round metal plate

    12 round metal plate

    12 round metal plate will add other anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal elements to the aluminum material during processing, so the 12 round metal plate produced has an anti-rust effect. Manganese alloy is added to the aluminum wafer materia...

  • aluminum disc sheet metal

    aluminum disc sheet metal

    Aluminum disc sheet metal is cold extruded into various specifications of capacitor shell, hose and aluminum shell, which are used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education and auto parts. Electrical appliances, therm...

  • Sheet metal discs

    Sheet metal discs

    The deep processing of Sheet metal discs is already an indispensable technology. Sheet metal discs are products obtained after deep processing of Sheet metal discs . They are a kind of relatively large demand on the market. The surface of Sh...

  • Aluminum disc blank

    Aluminum disc blank

    Aluminum discs blank 1050 1060 3003 etc is mainly used in making cookware, like non-stick pan, pressure cooker, hardware and pressure cooker and so on. Aluminum discs blank is the most widely used deep drawing products, High tensile strengt...


aluminum foil strip