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Aluminum round circle is a round aluminum plate punched by continuous stamping equipment for aluminum coil and aluminum strip. It is usually in H0 super soft state. It is mainly used in deep drawing and drawing industries such as tableware, kitchenware, lamp shade, etc. according to the wholesale of substrates, it can be divided into cold-rolled aluminum round circle and hot-rolled aluminum round circle, Among them, the hot-rolled aluminum round circle has better tensile effect, no orange peel and wrinkle, and is suitable for oxidation. Of course, the price of hot-rolled aluminum round circle is also higher than that of cold-rolled aluminum round circle. Aluminum round circle is mainly aimed at customers with deep drawing, drawing, spinning and other processing processes. It is suitable for kitchenware, lighting and can body.

Aluminum round circle diameter: at present, it can provide aluminum round circle between 100-1200mm. Continuous stamping equipment and automatic blanking device can better ensure that the surface of aluminum round circle is free of scratch and oil stain. It is very suitable for lamps and kitchenware manufacturers. Thickness 0.5-6.0mm can be supplied, and non-standard dimensions can be processed with open die. Specification: provide aluminum round circle with diameter of 100-1000mm and thickness of 0.5mm-6mm. Welcome to inquire.

Main materials: provide aluminum round circle products made of 1060 and 3003 materials. Strictly control the chemical composition and heat treatment process of the coil, eliminate the internal stress, reduce the intragranular segregation and structural heterogeneity, and greatly improve the tensile and plasticity of the coil, so as to ensure that customers can effectively avoid orange peel lines and ensure the tensile effect in the later processing.
Aluminum round circle mold: at present, there are 100-1000mm aluminum round circle molds. Conventional aluminum round circles have ready-made molds. Non standard size and special-shaped aluminum round circle molds can be opened and customized, and large quantity can avoid mold cost.

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