aluminum foil strip


  • Stamping drawing aluminum disc

    Stamping drawing aluminum disc

    Stamping drawing aluminum disc is a preliminary processed product after continuous stamping from aluminum coil. It is mainly used in lamps, kitchen utensils, electronic and electrical enclosures, etc. The state is basically selected as 0 st...

  • Aluminum circle alloy 4006

    Aluminum circle alloy 4006

    4006 aluminum alloy, American deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy. 4006 aluminum alloy has large expansion coefficient, high high temperature strength, and good high temperature corrosion resistance. 4006 aluminum alloy can be used to proce...

  • thin aluminum disc

    thin aluminum disc

    Thin aluminum discs are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education and auto parts. Electrical appliances, heat preservation, machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, mold, construction, pri...

  • Aluminium forged discs

    Aluminium forged discs

    2618 aluminum alloy is a heat-treatable Al-Cu-Mg-Ni-Fe series alloy. This alloy has high heat resistance, the use temperature is 200~250℃, the hot and cold workability is good, the welding performance is moderate, Henan Signi We are a prof...

  • large aluminum disc

    large aluminum disc

    As an indispensable semi-finished material for processing many types of products, the market demand for large aluminum disc is very large. Through this kind of material, we can achieve rapid, efficient and high-quality processing technology...


aluminum foil strip