aluminum foil strip


  • 5005 aluminum discs for cookware

    5005 aluminum discs for cookware

    5005 aluminum disc has high strength, good fusion and processing performance. Its corrosion-resistant anodic oxide film is brighter than that of 3003 alloy, and it is consistent with the color of 6063 alloy. It is commonly used in cookware,...

  • Hot rolled aluminum circle discs

    Hot rolled aluminum circle discs

    Aluminum disc is a round aluminum plate which is stamped by continuous stamping equipment of aluminum coil and strip. It is mainly used in deep drawing industries such as tableware, kitchenware, lamp shade, etc. according to the wholesale d...

  • 3003 aluminum disc

    3003 aluminum disc

    The 3003 aluminum disc is an Al-Mn alloy sheet, also known as a rust-proof aluminum disc. The aluminum content of 3003 aluminum disc is about 98%, and the manganese content can reach 1%, because the 3003 aluminum disc is better than the 1 se...

  • Aluminum disc for traffic signs

    Aluminum disc for traffic signs

    The application of aluminum discs is more and more extensive, such as aluminum traffic signs , kitchen utensils, lamps, architectural decoration, etc. Our company directly presses on aluminum coils, which has the advantage of fast processing...

  • Aluminum disc for cap

    Aluminum disc for cap

    Henan Signi Aluminum provides special aluminum disc for caps , usually 1070 pure aluminum (content is greater than or equal to 99.7%), hardness: 17HB-21HB shape: mainly round, can also produce special shapes according to customer drawings, s...


aluminum foil strip