aluminum foil strip


  • large aluminum disc

    large aluminum disc

    As an indispensable semi-finished material for processing many types of products, the market demand for large aluminum disc is very large. Through this kind of material, we can achieve rapid, efficient and high-quality processing technology...

  • Decorative aluminum disc

    Decorative aluminum disc

    In peoples daily life, almost all kinds of products made of decorative aluminum discs can be seen everywhere. The reason why decorative aluminum discs can be made into all kinds of products and widely used in various fields is mainly because...

  • Aluminum wafer manufacturer

    Aluminum wafer manufacturer

    now the number of aluminum wafer used in China is gradually increasing, which has become a part of the sales of aluminum plates and strips. The characteristic of aluminum wafer is its low density, long service life, bright and clean surface...

  • 5005 aluminum discs for cookware

    5005 aluminum discs for cookware

    5005 aluminum disc has high strength, good fusion and processing performance. Its corrosion-resistant anodic oxide film is brighter than that of 3003 alloy, and it is consistent with the color of 6063 alloy. It is commonly used in cookware,...

  • Hot rolled aluminum circle discs

    Hot rolled aluminum circle discs

    Aluminum disc is a round aluminum plate which is stamped by continuous stamping equipment of aluminum coil and strip. It is mainly used in deep drawing industries such as tableware, kitchenware, lamp shade, etc. according to the wholesale d...


aluminum foil strip